The Ultimate Tattoo Concealer

What is Inkognito Tattoo Concealer?

  • Inkognito Concealer is a unique system designed to cover and conceal your tattoo all day.
  • Quick and Easy to apply
  • Long lasting / water resistant / smudge resistant
  • The complete system contains a primer, concealer, setting powder, setting mist, and remover tonic.

How does it work?

  • The primer gets the tattooed skin ready for all day coverage
  • The water proof concealer does the grunt work ¬†and completely covers the tattoos
  • The setting powder locks the concealer in place and blends into the surrounding skin
  • The setting mist is the final barrier that sets the whole thing for hours of coverage
  • The remover tonic gently and efficiently removes the whole system in record time


How to match your skin tone.

  • We recommend getting the concealer one shade lighter than your actual skin tone and using a setting powder that matches your skin tone to blend into the surrounding skin. This technique will offer the most natural overall look.