Why does my boss hate my tattoos?

That we don’t know, but what we do know is that if used correctly your employer will never know your true identity as a bad ass. Start with our primer, allow to dry. Next apply the concealer using a blotting and pressing technique. Set the concealer with the pressed powder again with a powdering and pressing technique. Finally finish it off with a couple of sprits of the setting spray… Allow to dry and be on your way…When the time is right use our remover tonic to take off all the product and go back to being you!


Is Inkognito waterproof?

Unfortunately not. It is however water resistant. We’re talking you can go for your daily 10k and still be in disguise after your post run shower. It will slowly wear off thru out the day but normal persperation and even showers and swimming won’t remove the concealer!


Will it rub off on my clothes?

I mean if you start scrubbing on your corderoys probably but thats crazy. Its smudge resistant if used with the setting powder and mist. Normal wear and tear can occur but go ahead dig around in your purse for a minute. If you are doing wardrobe changes you’ll be fine as long as youre not aggressively disrobing but thats none of our business.


I picked the wrong shade, now what?

No worries, they put erasers on pencils because sometimes we make mistakes. But like we keep saying, we’ve got you covered.  Email us at info@inkognitoconcealer.com and we will arrange for you to send it back and send you the right shade. For other questions regarding Returns and Exchanges click here.


Why would a tattoo artist want to cover tattoos?

Good question, we love how curious you are. The fact of the matter is, we love tattoos. we love them so much that we hate that some people dont want to get them out of fear of employment. And in other circumstances we hate that people are judged for the tattoos they already have. So, if these employers want to play that game, then we want to give you an edge. Now you can do what you want regardless of public stereotypes. And when its finally accepted everywhere, bada bing bada boom you’re already to rock.


I have a question that you didnt answer…

No problem, shooot us an email at info@inkognitoconcealer.com  we will get back to you asap!