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What kind of careers can I have with tattoos?


Its no surprise that it might be hard to find a good paying job when you’re covered from head to toes in ink. Our parents have been warning us for years. ” how are you gonna get a job with all those tattoos?” Well fear not. This is a sample list of 10 careers you can have and still be heavily tattooed  and not be roommates with the bearded lady in the traveling freak show (even though she is exceptionally tidy is a shared space.)

Contrary to popular belief it is still possible to have a great career even if you look like a long shoreman. In fact, in my opinion your chances haven’t gone down one bit. Sure Taco Bell may frown on that sleeve you have 21 hours of work in but the reality is that if you aim a bit higher than the fast food industry you may be pleasently surprised.


  1. “Eh, what’s up Doc?” … thats right. Set your sights as high as you want. I have yet to come across a doctor that saw me while they were in flip flops and a swimsuit. A doctor has a lot of professionalism under their belt. So there is a very rare situation where they are wearing beach casual. Now there are circumstances where you will be wearing scrubs and some art may be visible but I for one can say who cares as long as you are saving my life
  2. “I object”… Overruled! next on our list is our best friend the attorney. Aside from casual fridays, you almost never see a lawyer without a longsleeve shirt. Pressed and ready to interpret the law whatever way suits their interest. And when you are making all of that lawyer money you’ll have no problem getting that backpiece you’ve always wanted.
  3. Cha ching… how about a banker. Bank teller that is. This is a great place to start your professional money career. And you get to look oh so snazzy in the process. I know plenty of bank employees that you would never know to have full sleeves. They get those bankers hours, bank holidays and whatever other perks you get as a young professioal.
  4. Don’t forget accountants. They get hidden in the back of the office usually and have very little interaction with the customers. Which means outside of offensive art, you are probably good to go in a polo. Now each company is gonna be different but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
  5. Have a hankering for a new career. The culinary arts are full of heavily tattooed folks working in high end establishments all over the world. Working with and along the masters of all things tasty and wearing your art how you want sounds like a win win.
  6. Kind of a spin off from the chef… Any artist really. Forging your own path through the creative process. Now this may not be as lucrative a path at first but with alot of dedication to your craft whether it be writing, music, painting, you are sure to find the freedom to express yourself not only in your chosen medium but on your skin as well. The hard part of this one is having the courage to pursue things that many may deem foolish.. Being one of these myself, Im a bit partial.
  7. Switching gears the hospitality business is booming. People love to be pampered. I don’t want you giving massages just yet. But maybe you can run the resort that upper middle class flock to during those brutal winter or excrutiating summer months. Hospitality is a great place to make some great money and still have all those bad ass tats covered for work!
  8. If you are looking for some more freedom in your work day. Realtors are always out and about. Meeting people seeing houses. The good news is that you only need to look as good as you want. Feel free to gauge your clients. Do they want the cool hip realtor? Do they like the crisp neat look? You can be who you want and still make great money.
  9. Like selling cars? How about being a slick toungued car hustler. You can have full sleeves and nobody is the wiser under all those bells and whistles you are showing them. Who would notice a tattoo when you dazzle them with next years newest luxury suv. So shiny…
  10. Last but not least is the almighty self employed entreprenuer. The one that forges their own path in the business they choose. This career has many different options and all require hard work. Nobody can tell you what to do, but noone is there to pick up the pieces for you if they all fall down. Im especially attached to this career as I work full time as an artist and creator of inkognito tattoo concealer.

I guess the whole point of this is to let you know that there are options for those that want to have full sleeves and still make a good living. Now for those of you that have a little more than the average amount of visible tattoos, there is still hope to have your dream job. Inkcognito Tattoo concealer makeup is the best all day latex coverup makeup that is waterproof and breathable. You can check out our shades here to have more options than a long sleeve shirt.

Models and actors alike need to cover their tattoos for performances and this is a great product for them.

Whatever career path you choose, just know there is nothing that can limit your career but you. And if you are looking to add you your tattoo collection you can go to to set up an appointment with me!

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Why do I need to cover my tattoo?


In todays day and age, tattoos are more popular than ever. 45 million Americans have at least 1 tattoo. So why do so many places look down on our ink? I have so many tattoos that I don’t even notice them. And I definately don’t notice anyone elses…. Unless its mind blowing.  And being a tattoo artist I spend alot of time talking to my clients about where they should get tattoos for work, or to hide their tattoos from their mom, dad, grandma, or any other conservative family members. But then again there are the wholesome images found in a clothing catalog… those models can’t very well appear “wholesome” with all of their tattoos…

There are a lot of reasons to cover your tattoos. Whether you like them or not, they exist. Some employers just don’t like them for personal reasons. While other employers don’t mind but its the customers that mind. For the latter, thats how they feed their families. They have to be able to provide and experience that their customer will love enough to come back. So we have to be understanding that not all situations are discriminatory towards us, the inked.

Getting tattooed used to be for the rebels. Tattoos were for the bikers, the sailors, the drunken brawlers and all around roughians. Getting tattooed 50+ years ago was not a common occurance. It wasn’t on TV. It wasn’t for everyone. In fact it was a little more special than that. Now, with that, those that got tattoos weren’t looking to be doctors and lawyers. They were a little more blue collar than that. Hammer swingin, dock working, car fixing types. So back then you didn’t reaaly have to worry about what you were gonna do for work. Your path was set. March to the beat of a different drum.

Today things are slightly different with tattoos. They are waaaay more common. Tattoos are everywhere. Movie stars, TV stars, models, singers, teens, moms… Everywhere. They only problem is that society didn’t share the same outlook as our beloved counter culture.

So here we are in limbo. Waiting for the time when the way we look is overlooked. But I still like it. You see, thats why I got tattooed in the first place. I think we all get tattooed to stand out a bit. So if people want us to look a certain way, I say keep doing what you’re doing. I like the idea of being able to live my life the way I want. And if I want to I can hide my artwork to conform on the outside but still be the independant rebel on the inside!

No matter what your take on it. We have to respect other peoples opinions as they have to respect ours. Being cool with individuals is awesome. There is the old quote that states the difference between tattooed people and untattooed people…. tattooed people don’t care if you aren’t tattooed…

For those that are want to you can order some tattoo concealer here, or if you are looking to add to your collection head over to my to make an appointment with me.