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Why do I need to cover my tattoo?


In todays day and age, tattoos are more popular than ever. 45 million Americans have at least 1 tattoo. So why do so many places look down on our ink? I have so many tattoos that I don’t even notice them. And I definately don’t notice anyone elses…. Unless its mind blowing. ¬†And being a tattoo artist I spend alot of time talking to my clients about where they should get tattoos for work, or to hide their tattoos from their mom, dad, grandma, or any other conservative family members. But then again there are the wholesome images found in a clothing catalog… those models can’t very well appear “wholesome” with all of their tattoos…

There are a lot of reasons to cover your tattoos. Whether you like them or not, they exist. Some employers just don’t like them for personal reasons. While other employers don’t mind but its the customers that mind. For the latter, thats how they feed their families. They have to be able to provide and experience that their customer will love enough to come back. So we have to be understanding that not all situations are discriminatory towards us, the inked.

Getting tattooed used to be for the rebels. Tattoos were for the bikers, the sailors, the drunken brawlers and all around roughians. Getting tattooed 50+ years ago was not a common occurance. It wasn’t on TV. It wasn’t for everyone. In fact it was a little more special than that. Now, with that, those that got tattoos weren’t looking to be doctors and lawyers. They were a little more blue collar than that. Hammer swingin, dock working, car fixing types. So back then you didn’t reaaly have to worry about what you were gonna do for work. Your path was set. March to the beat of a different drum.

Today things are slightly different with tattoos. They are waaaay more common. Tattoos are everywhere. Movie stars, TV stars, models, singers, teens, moms… Everywhere. They only problem is that society didn’t share the same outlook as our beloved counter culture.

So here we are in limbo. Waiting for the time when the way we look is overlooked. But I still like it. You see, thats why I got tattooed in the first place. I think we all get tattooed to stand out a bit. So if people want us to look a certain way, I say keep doing what you’re doing. I like the idea of being able to live my life the way I want. And if I want to I can hide my artwork to conform on the outside but still be the independant rebel on the inside!

No matter what your take on it. We have to respect other peoples opinions as they have to respect ours. Being cool with individuals is awesome. There is the old quote that states the difference between tattooed people and untattooed people…. tattooed people don’t care if you aren’t tattooed…

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